From the producer to
best funeral homes

No middleman, no retailer

Lorandi S.p.A. is a company present on
market since the 50s with a production of more than
60,000 coffins per year and it is one of the
most advanced and important coffins industries in Europe

Quick delivery In a few days you will receive the supply directly into your warehouse. Our specialized staff will deliver our products accurately and quickly
Supplies even small batches We can deliver what you need when you need. We can keep also the coffins for you in one of our hub
Assistance before and after sale Our staff is always ready and available to provide all the information you need, and also to solve any problem before and after the purchase
Total customization Our coffins are customizable, and our wide range of accessories allows to create special models

Handcrafted manufacture 100% MADE IN ITALY

We personally take care of every detail

Premium materials We work only with the best wood: pine wood, frakè, ash, ebiara, african olive, walnut and oak
Certifications and guarantee The quality of our products is certificated: the balance between technology and competence of our master craftsmen make us a point a reference
Over 100 models available From classic to modern design lines, availability of various combinations of finishes: polished, satin, open pore, natural, etc.
Delivery with Lorandi vehicles Our products are transported with vehicles of our property, by Lorandi drivers to take care of deliveries in the best way
Hubs and agents on the ground Thanks to the widespread presence throughout the country, we assure assistance throughout Italy for remote services, with the possibility to use the "coffin exchange" formula
Even Eurasia, USA and Australia Lorandi Group export its manufacturing in most of Europe and over: relations with the United States, Russia and Australia allow us a global spread